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Constantly Crashing.


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Just to report really.

uTorrent 1.8 was seemingly ok for the last few days since upgrading, until I installed CA Internet Security 2008. First it crashed and on restarting it had forgotten all its torrents, both downloads and uploads. Now uTorrent won't start at all, crashes immediately and I have been sending uTorrent dumps to uTorrent. I'm going to uninstall CA internet security but ultimately if uTorrent 1.8 isn't working with a large number of antivirus products (having just read some of the posts) we will either need a list of those AV products it will work with or at least declare 1.8 as not stable and iron out the bugs.

I understand that these issues might be with drivers, av software et al., but 1.7 didn't raise these issues and if 1.8 is then a change is causing problems.



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