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(--download_slice_size) (--max_slice_length) Can I change these?

Martin Levac

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From the BitTorrent config page http://www.dessent.net/btfaq/cmdline.shtml these two parameters can be changed through the file types in Windows for the BitTorrent application (folder options>file types>.TORRENT>advanced).

What are the values used in uTorrent and is uTorrent dynamically changing them based on current transfer rates? Is it possible to change these parameters in uTorrent as well? If not, I would like to be able to change them somehow.

--download_slice_size <arg>

How many bytes to query for per request. (defaults to 16384)

--max_slice_length <arg>

maximum length slice to send to peers, larger requests are ignored (defaults to 131072)

A faster connection such as mine (6.5mb/900kb) would reach higher speeds if those parameters were set to much higher values. A similar function is available through registry manipulation (Win2k for me) of the TCP properties.


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