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No incoming connections


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I know this subject has been repeated to death in this thread but....

I have the yellow triangle with no incoming connections, sometimes red. I only have green when I have no downloads in the que. The port test link tells me the port is blocked, except when I have no downloads in que, in which case its green and says forwarded properly.

I have read and followed the following links to NO avail.




Plus a few more, not mentioned.

My system specs are:

Coolermaster stacker 832 case

Coolermaster 1000w PSU

Intel Q6600 (G0) @ 3.2 on 1.41v

Zalman LED CPU Cooler

EVGA 780i Mobo (P5 BIOS)

EVGA 2x8800GT SuperClocked Edition (SLI) 177.83

SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty

My connection and AV software:

WebStar Modem

D-Link 2310 v2 Router

5meg cable with Knology (SpeedTest.net @ 6670 kbps)

Symentec Endpoint Protection (Military Edition)

I have tried disabling my AV and Windows firewall completly, no good. I have the correct port forwarded, no good. I even tried taking my router completly out of the mix, no good. This only happened when I upgraded to v1.8, 1.7 was great but now I can't find it and uTorrent won't support it anyway.

Any help appreciated...

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