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When U-torrent is started surfing the web is not possible


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I dont understand why but when I start U-torrent I cant browse the web anymore. I am using Vista and it used to run fine.

When U-torrent is closed the connection to the web is still not possible. Only if the network adapter is reset it works. That is really so annoying.

We recently changed from one router to another (Sweex RO002)and I have changed all the settings for portforwading (including a static IP adress) following all details from portforwarding. It says it cant receive incoming connections. And if it was only about choosing having U-torrent or not, that would be a smaller problem since U-torrent doesnt work properly.

I also upgraded NOD32 from 2.x to 3.0 but I read that couldnt be a problem. I just upgraded to v1.8 as well.

Since there are more changes I dont know which one is causing the problems...

I tried to uninstall and reinstall Utorrent and the network adapter several times but nothing changes. I really tried a lot but nothing seems to help.

Thanks in forward for your help.

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I doubt it was changing that setting personally. Always make sure your upload setting isn't too high for your connection. If you're a heavy user you might be limited during certain times and so your upload is comprimised and there for falls below a safe setting which means browsing becomes slow while uTorrent is open.

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I'm a Vista user myself, and in the past, whenever I've had minor issues with uT, I was able to get a work-around by setting the program compatibility to use XPSP2 settings, as well as setting the speed options for one notch below what my rated internet speed is (run the uT addon to test speed).

Then I realized that the problem I had begun with (well in the past) was due to multiple firewalls and I had to make sure they were all allowing the PORT (set manually in uT and not randomly) full traffic throughput and that the port was properly forwarded at the router level.

Now this means that the port will be open and forwarded whether uT is running or not, so make sure your other protection is up to date and well beefed up.

Remember that if for any reason you have to reset either the firewall or the router, you will have to reset all forwarding and settings. Also remember that different routers behave differently, and some routers, although working flawlessly under XP, do not properly work in Vista due to changes in the way TCP/IP packets are handled and the reconfiguration in Vista to "help" with security. Just something to keep in mind. And personally, I think that NOD may yet still be affecting, especially if you set uT to non-web. It just sounds like that setting would be blocking the web to that program if you ask me, but then again, I don't use NOD.

Happy Torrenting!

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