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Port forwarding and speed problems


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I've been using utorrent for about six months now and managing to get speeds of 100 kB/s on my 1mb tiscali line. Recently this dropped to around 5 kB/s.

I have always recieved an error when testing if my port is forwarded properly (even when I was downloading at 100 kB/s).

My router is a Siemens Gigaset SE 587

Things I've tried:

* Upgraded to 1.8 and 1.8.1

* Set a static IP address ( which is outside my router's dhcp range

* Added ports 8080 and 8085 to the port list on the router. These are the main port numbers that I used to use when getting good speed.

* Added ports 8080 and 8085 to the windows firewall

* Changed utorrent settings based on guides on this site

My incomming connections icon in the utorrent status bar fluctautes between green and orange but the speed still remains around 5 kB/s.

My current connection settings are:

* Enable UPnP port mapping [enabled]

* Randomize port each start [disabled]

* enable NAT-PMP port mapping [enabled]

* Add windows firewall exception [enabled]

My current bandwith settings are:

* Maximum upload rate: 50

* Maximum download rate: 0 (unlimited)

* Global maximum number of connections: 200

* Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 60

* Number of upload lots per torrent: 6

My current queueing settings are:

* Maximun number of active torrents: 7

* Maximum number of active downloads: 5

I also have forced outgoing protocal encryption and allow incoming legacy connections selected.

The torrents I'm trying to download are very well seeded and I've even tried the open office torrent but still with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I had the same situation an hour back,nothing helped remove the yellow triangle for the incoming connection.Port Forward, Firewall etc etc nothing helped.

On a trial and Error basis ,I open my network connections and opened the properties tab of of my Wi fi adapter and disabled the AGN Filter Interface.

Finally.....I got a green Icon on utorrent 1.8, number of peers had increased and downloading speed has improved.

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