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uTorrent 1.8 takes ages to connect to me.


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I use a torrent site a lot that I probably can't name on here & I've noticed that people who use uTorrent 1.8 take ages to connect to me. Whereas people using older versions of uTorrent, or other clients like azureus, connect straight away (or near enough).

Why might this be?

I'm running uTorrent 1.6.1 on linux (with wine)

Is this a problem that other uTorrent users have noticed?

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I've no problem with version 1.6.1 and don't want support since it works fine - people using that & other clients can connect to me.

But people using 1.8 take a long time to connect. So I think the fault is something in the newer 1.8 release. This is something that has been mentioned by a few people on the forums of the torrent site I use. So even if I were using version 1.8 it would still be an issue for me because I might well find myself taking a long time to connect to people using different BT clients.

Is there something changed in it which would make it slower to connect to other BT clients? (inc earlier versions of uTorrent itself)

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