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Initial Seeding Problem


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I have been seeding a dual layer DVD for 26 hours now in Initial Seed mode and i have uploaded 5.5 out of 7.38 gigs in about 26 hours.

But no one on the peer list has more than 25%, even though I have uploaded about 75%

I have been in initial seed mode the whole time, I am the only seed and the torrent has had 20+ leechers most of the day

I uploaded a DL dvd 2 weeks ago that was about 6.5 gigs and had to upload 8.8 gigs to complete but i didnt start initial seed mode until after about 30 hours of seeding.

Here are some currect screen caps



Anyone got any ideas?

i dont want to have to upload 25 gigs to share a 7.38 gig dvd

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i am not SURE i am initial seed mode, but it says i am, and i chise it when I started the seed

i cannot tell who is getting the lions share of my upload but about 2/3 of my peers are using utorrent, the rest are using azureus and bittorrent

i dont think i had a main peer leave, i have been monitoring and havent seen any radical changes that would indicate that

i have now uploaded 7.82 gigs which gives me a 1.06 ratio and the most anyone has is 38%

I will have to turn off my torrent shortly since I dont leave my laptop running when im not home, maybe the info is just spread out and this will give my peers a chance to share, but i dont think thats the case

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I am initial-seeding 2 torrents currently and the ratio reading for one is 5.8 and the other is 46.8 (that is five point eight and forty six point eight). This seems slightly wierd.

The ratios should be under one if I have not completed the initial seeding.

Is this a bug or have I done something to mess up the software?

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