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Problem downloading


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Hi I have done everything I can think of and am still getting a red arrow and no downloads...

I have a Buffalo W125 Router, using comodo firewall...I have used port forward and followed all instructions on there and set up a static ISP and using an open port..and still having this problem, I have closed down firewall to see if taht was the problem but it still will not download anything, version of Utorrent is 1.8

please can anyone help, regards

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Thanks for reply

yes the open office does download about 30kbs, so quite slow

status says [F]Downloading on the file that wont download, I am getting a yellow triangle in the bottom

Edited to add, I have the green tick saying network isworking as it should and have a d/l of around 130kbs on the file you gave me however still red for anything else

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1000 bits (informal notation: kilobyte = 1024 bytes)

bits 1000

bytes 125

kilobits 0.9765625

kilobytes 0.1220703125

megabits 0.00095367431640625

megabytes 0.000119209289550781

gigabits 9.31322574615479e-07

gigabytes 1.16415321826935e-07

terabytes 1.13686837721616e-10

petabytes 1.11022302462516e-13

Keep in mind in data communication 1 kilobit = 1000 bits, while in data storage 1 Kilobyte = 1024 Bytes. This conversion calculator rounds all values to 5 significant digits.

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