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uTorrent is slow on Low configuration machines


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I noticed the problem long ago and wanted to report it. But the sad part is I could not make some time for that.

On the same network I have a PC, it's P3 500MHz with 256MB of RAM and the other PC is Core 2 Duo 2GHz with 4GB of RAM. Now I tested a torrent on both the machines and the low end machine never downloads the torrent as fast as the high end machine.

But applications like BitCommet is downloading it faster on the same low end machine.

uTorrent neither consumes high memory nor higher processor, but I have no idea why this is happening...

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My connection speed is 288kb/s and both the computers I have Max Upload limit set to 4KB/s so I assume that the download speed would be something like 24KB/s.

The Slackware torrent is getting 24K constant on the fast machine and on the old machine it's getting 8.8K max. I neither changed much settings to uTorrent nor to my computers.

Still let me know how can I get and pass HDD information to you? I can assure you that I have access to some old computers like I mentioned and all uTorrent's performance is not good on any of them.

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