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Why does utorrent seem to like creating 250mb of tmp files???


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While using my laptop today, I had the usual Windows XP dialog box thing come up, telling me I was low on disk space on my system partition. I thought this was odd, as there really isn't that much on there, but I didn't really think much of it, as I still had around 100mb of space left... that was, until 5min later, I was told I had only 10mb of disc space left.

I didn't really like how this was going, so I closed the only program I had open (utorrent), and did a bit of an expedition to figure out what the hell was going on. I soon discovered that my temp folder, which I usually empty out probably once a month, was 5gb for some reason, as it was filled with several thousand utt***.tmp files.

I thought this was very odd, so I ran a virus scan, and did some googling. Apparently, these files are associated with bittorrent applications (such as utorrent). I deleted them all.

However, I was kind of curious as to why utorrent, over the course of 2-3weeks, had managed to leave 5gb of crap on my system partition. So, after clearing out my entire temp folder, I started utorrent again.

Instantaneously, and much to my 'pleasure,' I found that I now had about 250mb of temp files, in that same utt***.tmp format.

These excessively numerous tmp files seem to appear whenever utorrent is opened, but are not removed upon closing the program. I'm using utorrent 1.8

What the hell is going on? I don't particularly enjoy having to delete 250mb of files everytime I open utorrent...

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I do have many torrents with many files; however, I don't think that I have any of them set to 'skip,' as I don't know what this means. I've only started using torrents as a way to download things within the past month, so I'm not too familiar with utorrent yet.

At the moment, I'm actively downloading two albums, and seeding about 8 other torrents (more albums, about 3gb of files in total).

And these utt****.tmp files are all in:

C:>documents and settings>user>local settings>temp

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That's the thing though... these utt**.tmp files are not being removed when the torrents are finished downloading. And, on top of that, they're not in the same directory as the target directory where the file itself is being saved.

I just deleted another ~520mb of these things from my temp folder today. I'll be defragging once a week at this rate.

edit 1: grammar

edit 2: It sounds like you're talking about a different type of tmp file than what's showing up in my temp folder.

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I agree that it seems really odd - that's kind of why I did a virus scan at first.

I've never used process monitor before, but I just ran it right now, while opening utorrent, to see what happened. And while I really don't know what I should be looking for, I did find something that looks very relevent.

utorrent.exe appears to be running tens of thousands of createfile and writefile operations upon starting the program. The path of each one of these is:

c:>documents and settings>user>local settings>temp>utt***.tmp

So, it appears, based on my best guess at an interpretation of these results, that utorrent is in fact, responsible for creating these several hundred megabytes of tmp files whenever it starts up.


I did a screen capture of:

emtpy temp folder>open process monitor>open and close utorrent>temp folder now has several mb of utt***.tmp files in it>process monitor shows these files were created by utorrent

Because of the low resolution of youtube, you can't read anything. I have the original, higher resolution file on my computer as a 10mb flv file, if anyone wants to see it, or if anyone knows of a hosting site that won't degrade the quality.

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email is sent - thanx

Here is a link to the pml file uploaded onto mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=942e5119c2805617d2db6fb9a8902bda

On the occasion that this file is a record of, about 9mb of tmp files were made, but not removed from the temp folder.

I've come to notice that the more active torrents there are in the session, the larger the volume of tmp files that remain in the temp folder when you close utorrent. On this occasion, there were no active torrents. When I have say 5 or 6 downloading, and 10 uploading, there's often over 300mb of remnant tmp files.

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I have this same problem. It seems even though I have no active torrents and the scheduler should stop any downloading/uploading at this time, utorrent is downloading heaps of utt*.tmp / tmp*.tmp / tmp*.exe files! The exe files suggest that something has infected uTorrent. The only reason my wife and I found this was because something on our network was using up all our internet bandwidth. We eventually narrowed it down to uTorrent. When uTorrent is running even though it says that the torrents are queued it says it's downloading (at a very large rate) in the status bar. When I close uTorrent we get our internet speed back.

I did some googling and it seems that nasty people have exploited utorrent before by designing and posting corrupted .torrent files which cause a buffer overflow in uTorrent and caused it to execute their nasty code. They said this was fixed but perhaps there's still a similar vulnerablity still in uTorrent.

So did you solve this problem on your computer? I hate to say it and I hope it's not but it may be that you have a virus on your pc too? :(

Anyway I'm still investigationing this problem but I'll post what I find and how I resolve it. Of-course I'd love to hear where you got with it too. :)

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I would have downloaded uTorrent from their website over a year ago now and have just been using the Check For Updates to get updates.

I do have about 2 dozen RSS feeds setup but I don't think a few xml files explain the huge amount of space it's using. Over the course of 5 to 10 minutes of uTorrent running it had downloaded nearly 100 MB worth of temp files while all my torrents (all 3 of them) were queued. All up, the tmp*.tmp, utt*.tmp & tmp*.exe files take up about 1.5GB!

I've downloaded AVG and am in the process of doing a complete virus scan now.

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If this is persistent please follow the steps above and create the same type of Process Monitor Logfile, and as before if you are concerned with personal information and don't wish to upload the file to a public site email it. I must admit I have no experience with this problem.

When did this start happening? How did you determine uTorrent was using the bandwidth? Does the bandwidth show up in the Speed tab? going to http://sysinternals.com as with Process Monitor and getting TCPView, does it show the opened sockets in uTorrent.exe process? Where is it connecting to?

... I must admit, I too believe it is an infection, unfortunately without additional information, nothing to do. I wish you luck with your scans :/

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<Ben slaps face> I am an eeeeediot.

Thank you Firon - this is my problem exactly! I was wondering the other day if uTorrent would handle feeds that linked to actual files and not torrents (this would be a great feature imho) because there's a few podcasts I'd like to subscribe to which don't have torrents. After I added the feed I completely forgot about it. I just removed the feed and restarted uTorrent and it stopped downloading like crazy. Thanks heaps!

Soooooo, does anyone recommend a good podcast client? I'm after something that lets me specify the output folder for each individual feed.

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