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Speed ratio very disappointing


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Although I've only been using uTorrent for several weeks, no matter what settings I use - my upload speed is great 90-100kB/sec but down load is almost modem slow at about 20-25kB/sec. I've never changed the defaults until a few days ago, but if I limit upload speed say to 50kB, download speed moves down to 5kB !!

So here I'll sit for a week downing an 8Gb file any will have uploaded 50 GB in the mean time. When the file is done uTorrent will be removed unless someone can tell me how I can balance use.

Thanks - Gavvi

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900 kilobits/second or 1 megabit/second upload settings in 2nd link in my signature seem to match your speeds.

I presume your connection is full duplex -- meaning you can upload and download near max at the same time.

You may need to reduce global and per-torrent connection max lower -- like 60-100 -- if speeds aren't good after above settings changes.

Disable Resolve IPs and maybe DHT as well.

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