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Utorrent on Vista


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I love utorrent but have started having a small but annoying problem with it since I shifted to Vista. the problem is as follows:

If I exit the utorrent application for some reason and then try to reopen it I get the following error message that says something like:

unable to bring up the process. It is already open

And sure enough a utorrent process shows up in the task manager. But I am unable to kill it using the "end task" button on the task manager. Also, I am unable to use utorrent

The only way out then is to restart windows to use utorrent.

Any idea how to fix this problem?


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Thanks Kristy. I changed that parameter to true. Now, when I exit it still shows in the task manager. But when I hit end task on the task manager the process closes and then I am able to restart utorrent. It's a 2 step process but I can live with it.

I do not know what you mean by 'running utorrent as admin" :P

DreadWingKnight, I do have Zonealarm installed. But I rely heavily on it to keep my pc clean so I am not comfortable removing it.

Thanks guys!

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Zone Alarm has a nasty bug in it that locks the process in the kernel and prevents a shutdown.

It's not even a great firewall, though it certainly makes you "feel" safe by alerting you to lots of 'attacks'. It's not going to magically prevent infections or anything useful. Same goes for any firewall, really.

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Unknown, though it wouldn't be surprising if it were causing such issues with other Internet-enabled applications. ZA has been known to cause many issues with P2P in general in the past.


Comodo is a fair/free replacement for ZA. If you're using ZASS, then the antivirus component can be replaced with the free Avira AntiVir Personal Edition (superb detection rates with minimal system impact).

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