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Question How does µTorrent detect fake bitcomet clients


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I ask this because someone using a faked bitcomet client just connected to a torrent on my private tracker and got the peers list then as expected shared it out via DHT even tho it was a private torrent.

I am wondering what string µTorrent looks for to know it's a faked client so I can convert it to work with my BitComet ban and ban the faked clients as well.

If the dev does not want to post this in public please PM the info or email it to me :)

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Fake BC clients append a string to the end of their UID, IIRC..

look here

If i remember it right, its some sort of string thats appeneded to the end of the client id, "udp \0" or something like that.
chaosblade: UDP0

Is that string sended to tracker or to other clients ?

In that case, would be possible to set up a filter in stuffer (for azureus) to match it ?


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