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uTorrent has crashed, and utorrent will now restart again and again


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I have seen this thread posted before but no one seems to be answering the problem.

I switched from BitComet about 3 weeks ago and uTorrent has been working great until today. I haven't done anything different, it just crashes with this popup window:

"a crash dump has been saved as --- do you want to submit this dump to the developers?"

So, click yes and a new version of uTorrent 1.3 appears on screen complete with an additonal uTorrent icon in the tray.

The process is repeated along with continual crashes, more icons in the tray, a new version pops up and begins to download a couple of torrents and then it crashes again.

I reboot the machine and try again but with the same results.

One thing that did change was that each of the torrents have a little red circle with a minus sign on it. I went to the website where I got the torrents and they have a banned clients list. uTorrent wasn't on the list a couple of days ago but now they say that previous versions of uTorrent are banned for various reasons. Would this be the cause of this problem and isn't v1.3 the latest version of uTorrent?

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Have you tried deleting your settings.dat file and seeing if it continues to occur?

No, I haven't though I've seen in other threads that this will work. How do you do it?

Since I am computer stupid, I guess it's easier to try the beta version.

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