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Very slow download speed on direct connection to cable modem


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Hey people,

I've read the FAQ and have quite experience with utorrent, so please bear with me.

I've been using Utorrent with very high speeds in dsl connections on this computer, installed with the same antivirus, spyware, etc etc. Lately I had to move appartment and for whatever reason had to change to cables.

Since then, it sucks.... Internet is great, I have down stream of 1.5mb and upload of 128kb... but utorrent only gives me 20-30 kB......

I tried to enable/disable all the options that were described in the FAQ.

I'm using a THOMSON CABLE - modem - model tcm 425

Connected directly to my computer. Windows XP, no firewall, antivirus avast! disabled.

Please help.

Thanks ahead,

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uTorrent is not firewalled - I am using direct connection to the modem, windows xp firewall is disabled and I dont have any other firewall software.

I use version 1.8

regarding the settings: I tried to enable and disable the common settings which are mentioned in the FAQ. These are:

DHT, Encryption (forced), peer_lazey.... (enable), also the speed guide I choose xx/128.

One last thing.

Today I've queued by mistake some of the torrents and only one torrent remained active, now suddenly the speed jumped to 100kB and since then its improving. Maybe its one of the settings with number of connections? any advice about that?

Thanks again

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I recommend far less connections (in 2nd link of my signature) than Speed Guide suggests.

More isn't better if it just means using your limited bandwidth trying to maintain nearly idle peers that won't upload much to you till you upload to them. And if you have a lot of them, you CAN'T upload to them all...or even most.

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