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Please Please Help


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i just have new internet

it 10 kb's fast

it's great it's only take's 1 day to download

and to see the movie

but sometime's

i can only download with 8 or 7 kb's

why is that

and when i download 2 movies at the same time

they both go like slow like

that is not good

can anyone help me pleaz

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Does your ISP disrupt/slow BitTorrent traffic?

(Don't ask me/us...ask LOCALLY -- friends, at computer stores, etc. And do GOOGLE searches!)

How fast is your internet line when doing online speed tests both DOWN and UP?

What settings are you trying to use in uTorrent?

(If you don't configure uTorrent, it may run terrible or even CRASH your computer, router, and modem!)

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