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Download Speeds & Port Forwarding


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Hi guys,

I realise that I get pretty decent speeds 400kbps.. but when I switch off my computer and start the download the next time I on my com, the speeds sucks. Any way to prevent this? I dunt want to leave my system on overnight; that's wasting electricity.

Also I have port forwarded, but when I upgrade to 1.8, it says my port is not forwarded properly. I have followed the instructions on PortForward.com.


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I'm using Comodo Firewall.. so I just put utorrent as blocked, then put it as trusted.

Also about the port forwarding, how do I fix it?


Hey guys.. now the speed is about 100kbps.. barely decent for me..

How do I port forward? And why it takes like, 1/2 hour to get up to decent speeds?

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I don't use Comodo, so I don't know how to delete or add firewall entries. :(

There's other posts for how to configure it at this web forum.

Try a search or 2...

Software firewalls and antivirus software gets a little testy if the exe they allow to run or allow internet access to...suddenly changes size and content. Usually, you just click "OK" to a warning box and all is well...but sometimes things don't go that smoothly.

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I need help pleeeese!!!!

os: windows xp pro

torrent prog: utorrent 1.8

firewall: windows firewall (exceptions made)

router: linksys WRTGSv7 (forwarding ports just fine)

modem: motorola SB5101 cable modem

isp: infowest (spoke with tech, no p2p blocking)

I thought i had it right with this router, but i seem to me mistaken. version 7 is the closest yet linksys has come to getting it right. i can surf and download at the same time, forward ports, somewhat connect to peers. but what i can't get, is overall download speeds anything over 26kb p/s. it doesn't matter if it's one torrent, or 10 torrents downloading. i have done ALL of the tweaks (and i mean ALL) that i can possibly find on the net. i changed ports, connection settings, bandwidth settings. i have spent hours reading through forums. i have messed with the advanced settings. tried looking for that patch people talk about, and get nothing but redirected.

can someone please tell me how to get decent download speeds?????????

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