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Router + WLAN = slow downloads and uTorrent status changing constantly

Nestor Drake

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Hello everbody, my first post and asking for help :)

So here's the situation:

I've got a router with a desktop computer connected to it and a laptop computer connected to this desktop computer via ad hoc computer-to-computer WLAN which allows internet access for the laptop through the desktop computer and the router. That's working.

And so, I'm trying to set up MicroTorrent on the laptop. It would probably be much easier on the desktop comp, but that one is not available to me most of the time so it'll have to be done this way. And connecting the laptop directly to the router makes no sense cause it's supposed to be mobile (moved around the house).

When I first started uTorrent on the laptop the status icon was that yellow triangle saying connection quality is questionable, torrents were downloading at about 1/4 of my top DL speed, occassionally jumping up to 3/4 and than down to 0, returning to 1/4 again etc. I tryed simply forwarding the uTorrent port in the router but that resulted in yet more confusion because now the icon randomly changes from yellow to green or to red and than back. DL speeds are just as low and unstable no matter what the current status is. For instance, right now I've got a 5100 seed swarm / 4595 peer swarm torrent running at 0,5 kBps...that can't be right, could it?

I'm using AVG anti-virus and Comodo Firewall on laptop and Zonealarm on the desktop computer. As far as I can tell Comodo has all connections allowed for uTorrent, AVG should be irrelevant and I don't know about ZA.

I also tryed and enabled UPnP in the router but have no idea how to use it.

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Yeah, been through most of that.

But nevermind, I seem to have solved the problem on my own. When forwarding the port I entered IP address of laptop computer in the WLAN whereas I needed to forward the port to the desktop computer which than automatically forwarded it to the laptop (seen that under advanced settings for connection sharing).

MicroTorrent is now working fine, I got that happy green sign and torrents are downloading at speed of 80-100% with some fluctuation, sometimes dropping down for a minute or two but I suppose that's all normal.


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