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low speed and port forwarding


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Hello, I am new here and I have been looking for some answers in a long time so I thought maybe you can help me

First I use free version of Zone Alarm and Ralink Wireless LAN card, so that means just a small antena, no router, it says my speed is 11.0 Mbps...

But I have a problem with utorrent...there is always that famous red exclamation point on the bottom and it says my ports are not forwarded properly, I tried configuring that in Zone Alarm since I have no router, but with no succses.

I was looking for all kinds of guides but can't find anything. So can you try to help?

Thank you in advance.

*forgot to mention that my port is 17120, and on some torrents it says there is about 4000 seeders, but utorrent only finds them 4 (torrents from isohunt and sites like that)?

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