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uT log: IPv6 installed implies attribution of Teredo address or not ?


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uT 1.8 (with Vista) was running and I observed the log.

The line about IPv6 installation was present (dates are false, just for example):

[2008-09-04 16:25:52] IPv6 is installed

But for one time the following message was NOT here as usual:

[2008-09-04 16:25:52] Got Teredo Address: 2001:0:XXX

So my question is:

IPv6 installed implies automatically the attribution of one Teredo address or not ?

Or it depends on specific process ?

Thx in advance.

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Vista does start with Teredo already installed, however, if at the time µTorrent starts you don't have a Teredo address (like it's in the middle of connecting at start up) then the message wont be displayed. It's also possible that Teredo isn't working due to server issues, in which case you can check it: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=355791#p355791

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