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Connection dies


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I'm having a problem nothing seems to solve.

Whenever I turn uTorrent on and leave it to download, after a random time, which is never more than an hour (once after 15 minutes, once after 59), my router disconnects itself from the internet. I can't connect anywhere after that unless I restart my router.

This happens every time I start uTorrent, no exceptions.

I asked for help and I was told a port should be forwarded properly, so I forwarded one and it didn't fix the problem.

I called my ISP's customer service and they couldn't help me either, they said it's uTorrent, that my connection is fine.

I also tried using Free Download Manager to download a torrent file and it disconnected after approximately 45 minutes.

I have ZoneAlarm Firewall and it has uTorrent tagged as an okay program.

I use the NOD32 antivirus system.

My router is a D-Link, DSL-584T,

Can anyone help me and tell me what I should do to prevent this from happening?

It's getting really annoying.

Thanks in advance :)


Okay, so I read the topic DreadWingKnight kindly provided and I did the absolutely everything possible except configuring ZoneAlarm because the only "Working ZoneAlarm" guide is for the pro version, and I have the free one.

So I would ask anyone to either tell me how to configure my free ZoneAlarm to fix the problem or give any other alternatives because it just keeps disconnecting, no matter what combination I try. :(

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Thanks for that, but I forgot to mention that a few months ago, with the exact same settings, this problem wasn't present.

I had regular internet disconnection problems (randomly disconnected twice a day on average and that problem didn't seem to be connected to uTorrent) so I called my ISP's customer service and they gave me a new router.

My internet disconnection problem was fixed almost entirely, with the exception of uTorrent. Not long after that, the stuff in the original post started happening. In all that time span, I never used different antivirus/firewall programs.

That's just another piece of information I forgot to mention in my original post, but I'll definitely check out your link, thanks :)

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