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red light of death


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so i have a linksys BEFSX41 router. i have a static ip address, and port forwarding enabled (with DHCP disabled, as it says in the router it's necessary for port forwarding) for the proper port for utorrent (i've tried three different ones now).

my ISP is not throttling utorrent.

All software firewalls are disabled, including Windows Vista firewall and I've completely uninstalled my internet security suite.

futhermore, I've put myself through several optimized settings, made sure UPnP port mapping is disabled, etc. Also, I used a patch to increase my half-open TCP connections from 10 to 100.

No matter what I do, the test for port forwarding always comes back negative. Furthermore, though I started with 80mbps download rates, it has steadily gone down for days, now it won't go over 20. I also have gone from a steady yellow light in Utorrent to a permanent red.

Plz help... I really want to use uTorrent, even though BitLord has no such problems for me. Any suggestions?

oh, ps... i did make sure to open the port before changing it on uTorrent so I don't get a false port opened test

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