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Web traffic is slow during uTorrent downloads


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Whenever I have uTorrent open and downloading, my web traffic is slow.

This problem is new... as in it didn't happen yesterday.

I've tested with two routers: DI-604 (4 years old) and WBR-1310 (bought it today).

I have the port (15789) forwarded on my router.

I have no anti-malware, virus or firewall software installed or active on my PC.

I have not changed my configuration in uTorrent in months... as I mentioned this only just started.

My wife did say she changed the bandwidth allocation on a torrent from Normal to High.

I changed it back to Normal but websites are still loading very slowly.

The moment I close uTorrent, open a new site in a new tab it loads quickly.

I've tried with the latest build of uTorrent and with RC7 (which I am using now) and the same thing happens.

Any ideas?

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All of those required changes to my configuration and as I mentioned in my first post, I have not changed it in several months.

I even tried with an ancient version (1.8 RC1) and the same thing happens... even though I only recently noticed this problem with recent builds. Yesterday this was not a problem.

Is it possible my ISP (Eastlink) is able to automatically throttle my web-traffic at the sign of torrent activity? I'm even using https://www.isohunt.com which is supposed to make it more difficult for ISPs to throttle/monitor usage.

Anymore ideas?

- Edit. It doesn't just slow down web traffic. It also slows down Steam.

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