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New Profile Created on Vista64-Receiving Error


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I created a new profile in Widows Vista. The earlier profile had a username of ABC. The new one is ABC DEF. I copied the Utorrent folder from the Roaming directory into the new user profile. I deleted the previous profile. I now get a path error when I try to download.

I did the following:-

1. I recreated the path for the ABC profile and moved the uTorrent back in the ABC roaming folder. It did not help.

2. I moved it back to ABC DEF. I then tried to update the resume.dat When I started uTorrent it gave me an error saying that resume.dat was altered by someone and it recovered it automatically. So I again got the path error. I figured it recovers it from resume.dat.old, so I changed those paths to along with the resume.dat file. When i open uTorrent, no torrents are dispalyed.

Please help as I had over 15GB of partial downloads completed. I cannot imagine starting that all over again.

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