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modem keeps rebooting

max punchy

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when i comence downloading,

it seems good for a couple of minutes, then the modem"s DSl and internet lights

which normally are green stable, turns red then flashes which i think the

modem is rebooting. while the download stops. then when the modem is ready again,

the downloads starts off normal again, after the same thing happens again after 1-2


i dont know why the modem reboots or stop all the time.

i have forward the port

i have a 2wire 2701HGV-W modem

please, can anyone help me?


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i tried some of the things that you requested me to read

but it didnt work and i couldnt understand some of it.

i am on ADSL2 20000/1000

could you please maybe be more specific in for me what to do?

can it be isp problem? i can still download but only 2 minutes and the bloody modem

keeps rebooting

please help me out

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