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Sudden drop in number of connections + Slooooooow


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Hello I'm a bit stumped at what is happening with my uTorrent connection.

About a week or two ago, my BT speeds went to sh*t. Also, the number of simultaneous connections dropped massively. I'm a bit clueless and have been trying all sorts of things to fix the problem. Here's a bit of technical info:

I'm running Vista SP1.

My ISP is Bell Sympatico with 7mbps service.

I understand that Bell throttles torrent traffic, but only during peak hours 5pm EST - 1am EST.

I have my ports forwarded properly (using 49155) and the utorrent port test says OK!

My windows firewall is disabled.

I'm using a 2wire modem/router from Bell.

Latest version of uTorrent.

I've modded my tcpipcfg.sys file to allow 150 half open connections.

Encryption is enabled in uTorrent. Allowed incoming legacy connections.

I've got 200 max allowed connections - 50 per torrent.

net.max_halfopen is set to 50.

Anyhow, it was working fine for the longest time. During non-peak hours my torrents went pretty fast. On a well seeded torrent from a public tracker I'd get about speeds between 250-350kb/s and there would be around 30-40 peers per torrent connected at any given time.

Now my torrents won't go above 10 peers connected and it's usually no more than 8 peers per torrent at any given time. My speeds rarely go above 30kb/s and average around 20kb/s. I'm clueless and have tried everything.

Is this something that is built into the newest ver of uTorrent or is this something to do with my computer? Or is anyone else with Bell having similar problems over the last couple of weeks?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Any ideas would be great.

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