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HELP.!!!! My torrents wont go over 35kb/s


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OK, I am a seasoned utorrent user,

Port is forwarded

static ip ect

Start downloading say 2 weeks ago, speeds average 300 - 200, private tracker on 2 torrents, with 1 seeding.

Changed NO settings, but now, the downloads are only going to 35/kbs and no more,

I can have 1,2,3,4,5 started, they all go to 35/kbs and stay there.

I have checked there is no download restrictions.

Its like i have set the download limit for each torrent at 35/kbs

I have changed the ports used several times

Checked my router settings

If it was my isp throttling I would have a global Max, but this is individual..?????

Help Please Its Driving Me Mad.

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Ahh, yes yes that would do it. For the future, there are column(s) for set download and upload in the main torrent pane ... makes it easier to set the limit, and un-set it when available ;) You may want to let her know that if you want to download faster, starting fewer torrents would be a good idea. . .as opposed to setting the upload that low

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