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Integrate it with Torrent Search


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Yeah, Ultima, looked at that site and it is definitely a nice one.. except for the keyword spamming (check out the meta tags).

If you want to add it into µTorrent, go Options -> Preferences -> Other Options -> Search Engines and add it in there. The line is something like this:


but right now that only shows ISOHunt. (They have some funny JS going on there validating your search query.) I'll try and make it work to search everything.



that works. :) It searches torrentspy and isohunt, and they appear in the tabbed layout. It's not really that obvious, so I'll explain if you don't get it. I'll make one with all sites, all sites except private, and all sites except anime and private. :P Give me a few minutes..

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Hmm. Something's screwed up. Passed something to the page and it crashed my browser, where I had a long list of all the search engines' internal "names" that you can use. :( Damn.. Well, it's pretty simple to find out from the source. Right now I'm using


All I can get to search is "bo". No matter what I type in, that's all that comes up.. :/

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It's crashing Opera here also... fine on Firefox. I think it's because Opera's trying to prefetch a bunch of stuff, or there's a bunch of pages loaded in the background waiting to be loaded up upon the click of each button. I looked at the addressbar, and literally hundreds -- probably about to be a thousand or more -- of items/images were being loaded...

As for it searchin for only bo... The searches worked correctly on both browsers, so there might be some outside problem on your part. Are you using user.js? Maybe that might be the problem -- the page appears to rely heavily on Javascript, and something might be conflicting.

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