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utorrent freezes & says "not responding"


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i was downloading a show & once it got to around 60% i noticed it said "disk overloaded 100"" in the bottom left hand corner. it slowed my download down to a crawl(around 10%) even though my laptop's drive is far from full. i went into the preferences & unclicked everything in the cache. this seemed to work as the "disk overload" thing dissappeard. it even increased my speed. so, all was well until.....

i got around 85% complete & utorrent froze on me while showing "not responding" at the top center. i then closed it & re-opened it but it didn't resume at 85%. it took me back to around 50% & i resumed downloading.

today when i came home from work it was frozen again right around the same place as before(85% downloaded) & i closed it again & it didn't save the full amount downloaded. instead it took me back to around 45-50% downloaded again.

can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck is going on? isn't it supposed to save what has been downloaded if i close it & resume later? why does it keep freezing at the same time? PLEASE HELP, ANYONE.

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Switeck, thanks for the reply. i was using the 1.8 beta but i uninstalled it & went back to the original 1.8

I unchecked everything in the advanced, cache settings & it did in fact remove the "disk overloaded" problem but i still ran into the "not responding" issue afterwards.

Do you mean that i should tick the 2 at the bottom, "disable windows disk read" & "disable windows disk write"? should that solve this problem of the freeze & whatnot?

thanks again in advance

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