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downloaded files are going to the wrong folder


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OK, so the easy way. Well, first you need to move the data someplace you have permissions. Many people make a folder inside their profile.. I prefer something like \Downloads off the root. So, open your My Computer, open C:, and create a new folder. I would call it Downloads, call it whatever you want. NEXT, if uTorrent is running, STOP all torrents.

THEN, take the data you downloaded, move it to \Downloads ... you should only have to start > run > %APPDATA%\uTorrent to get there. AFTER the moving, you need to right click for each torrent's data you moved... RIGHT click, advanced, set download location... browse to c:\downloads and CLICK on the file/folder for the torrent. Say OK, and START it again.

(I hope I didn't miss something, but please reply if you don't understand)

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thanks for replying to my message again,

as i said im not very good with utorrent or computers.

i'll just go over my problem again, for the past year ive been downloading my files to folder x.i have over 100 seeding albums and i want to keep it that way.however since i upgraded utorrent my files have been going to "C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\uTorrent" , even though i specified folder x.is there any way that i can get it back the way it was,and my albums will go to folder x. my movies to folder y ect. i need to keep everything seeding.

your help is very much appreciated and sorry for my computer ignorance

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