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Download speed limited by Upload speed


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hi im new to this forum but not so new at using µTorrent, right now im using the beta version.

the problem i have, at least, is that for some reason the upload speed limits the download speed. you may think this wouldn't be a problem if my bandwith speed cap were the same in both up & down speeds but they're not. right now i have a 1000k download connection and a 500k upload one bundled toghether. those values don't depend on me, but on the cable company. what i believe is that this is some kind of "punishment" for those ppl who dont wanna seed, or limit their upload speed on purpose (rather than being any issue about the beta vers, its the same on stable vers). i always seed and never limit the upload speed so this is not my case, and its very frustrating to see half of my download bandwidth unused 99% of the time.

if someone has any advice or solution for this plz let me know. bye.

PS: yes, i've tried tweaking everything.

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