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uTorrent v1.8 RSS :: Can't Auto-DL content appointed by Filter!


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I have been receiving a bug since I upgraded to uTorrent v1.8, I can't seem to automatically download files from the RSS that was appointed from my filter. To give give all the readers and developers a clear clue, here is my settings:

Edit RSS Feed

Feed URL: [url Appointed by Site]

[Checked] Custom Alias: DownloadRSS

[Checked] Automatically download items published in feed.

RSS Downloader

Filter: * (<- Can't change this without "Automatically download items published in feed." getting unchecked.)

But then when i go to the "RSS Downloader" and change the "*" to "Prison* Break*"..

The option "Automatically download items published in feed" that WAS checked in the "RSS Feed", shown above, gets unchecked?

Appreciate all the help I can get, I have formatted my PC 3 times and the problem still lyes, and I do not want to downgrade, I would like to solve this issue.

'3awas :)

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I actually don't know if its a bug, someone tolled me that there is a bug, and thats how you do it. But, even if I don't do it that way I still have the same problem... Can anyone help me thanks :)


Is my information correct?

I don't know if i have a bug or not, I'm really getting irritated.. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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Well, for the match part, you don't necessarily need *Weeds*, it can be only "Weeds*" since POSSIBLY there may be a title following.. because most 720p are HDTV, you can exclude HDTV from the levels, and may even want to put "|*720p*" also in match. Now I understand the Xvid|AC3 in not-match, but I still think that's part of what's causing the problem.

Additionally I don't think smart ep filter does anything when you match only once... Is there a reason you only want to match once? Wouldn't you rather set a start episode (4x1- for instance) and match weekly?

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