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Multiple Instances Issue (build 393)


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If i select a group of torrent files in windows explorer and open them then i get multiple instances of utorrent. So lets say i select/highlight three torrents, then right click on the selection and press open. I get three instances of Utorrent, instead of three instances of the add torrent dialog in one utorrent window.

Is this a bug in utorrent, or a limitation in the way windows is using the open command for groups of files opened simultaneously?

(Oh and yes utorrent is associated with torrent files).

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Wow, that's amazing -- it's the first time I've actually experienced this multiple instance issue! lol I can confirm the bug (nothing to be cheering about, so I'll shut up now xD)

my sentiments exactly :P

Well, I would guess that it's due to µTorrent not starting up the "torrent import" routine fast enough...

edit: I take it µTorrent is not open when you start this? It should work correctly if µT is already open, then you do this with 2+ torrents at once..

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