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Need help with Seed issue 0(23234)


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I have a problem with seeds, it all started after I upgraded to XP SP3. Initially I had problems with red arrows but I lowered my net.max_halfopen to 4 and it fixed the red arrows but now I get 0 direct connects out of 23,000 in the swarm

my setup

Utorrent 1.8 latest

XP SP3 (patched tcpip.sys)

and I use port 51514 and get green connection icon

Appreciate your help

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Yeah I did that but unfortunately all Torrents that are in my queue are slow, they download at max 10 kb/s with seeds in the x000 like 23,000 and above but I can only connect to 0-10 out of those. That for 6 torrents that I have now. \

I usuallly have 2 active torrents downloading at the same time but still slow

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I still don't know the max speed of your connection down AND up,

what ISP you have (do they throttle BitTorrent?),

OR what settings you're trying and failing to use in uTorrent...as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window.

Try the latest v1.8.1 beta. Some serious connectivity bugs were fixed.

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