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Just need a little clarification on my speed please.


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I don't know if this is normal or not. To be honest most of what I know about p2p is what I've read in tutorials, all I do is what they say and I often have no clue about the settings I'm changing.

Anyway, when I take a speed test at speedtest.net I get just under my 3MB connection but when I use uTorrent the most I get is just over 300kbps. Is that because I'm only using 1 port with uTorrent and all the rest with the speed test?

I realise that that was probably a stupid question to someone who knows more about this but as I've said 'I often have no clue about the setting I'm changing.'

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Hello, I am new to this I can honstely say I only know how to download and upload that is it. I updated my utorrnet to 1.8 and ever since my download speed has dropped at one time my download speed would be between 150kgb- 400 kgb and my upload speed would be be the same, but since i updated utorrent my download speed it 10 kgb and my upload speeds is just as liow. Can someone please help me like i said i dont claim to know much see if anybody can give me some screen shots of setting that would be great,

here are my setting


global upload =15

global maximum numbers connections =2329

maxumum numbers connect 1890


Maximum number of active torrents 60

maximum number of active downloads 63

now here is the funny part i got these numbers from utube

number of supload slots per torrent 14

please help me also I forgot i have Fios

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