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Severe memory leak under Windows Server 2008 Standard x64


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I'm having severe memory leak issues with the release version 1.8 og uTorrent. Anyone have any tips here? it works fine/correctly for a few hours and then suddenly just fills the memory until there is nothing left and the machine becomes nearly unresponsive..

This happens every time, so i am constantly having to restart uTorrent.. And then it works fine again for a few hours..

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I'm having the exact same problem with µtorrent 1.8. At most it uses more than 3GB of RAM and really slows the computer down.

It doesn't seem to flush the cache. Ever.

I have a lot of torrents running, so i don't really like the idea of not using disk cache. But i'll try it out and see if it works.

DreadWingKnight: the task manager said 27-ish MB. the resource manager said 200-ish MB. when i closed down µtorrent, over 3GB was freed.

Vista 64, btw. everything worked like a charm until update.

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