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Unable to fully connect to DHT


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I am running

Vista 64bit

uTorrent 1.8

Linksys WRT310N - with DD-WRT

ISP - TimeWarner

I just got the WRT310N the other day when my old linksys router finally crapped out.

Before I was able to get uTorrent to fully connect to the DHT with port forwarding.

But since I got the new router it shows the yellow status logo.

I flashed the router to DD-WRT since I used it in the past.

I have tried everything I can think of but I still can not get the full connection.

I have tried with the firewall on and off, UPnP enabled and disabled, and Port Forwarding. All with no luck.

PC is set to a static IP by the router and outside of the DHCP pool

windows firewall is disabled

Has anyone used this router and know the needed settings.

I am willing to reflashing the router back to the factory firmware if needed.

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