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Been using μtorrent for torrent downloads for some time now - recently (couple of weeks ago, new PC, was using flashget on the old one) installed BitComet for program downloads - nice and user friendly. However, it has decided today to become the default torrent downloader, which I don't want - I prefer to keep μtorrent as the default. I'm not an expert, just a user, and I can't seem to find a way to restore the status quo, that is, μtorrent as the default torrent downloader. Can one of you techies out there tell me how I can do this? I'd like to keep BitComet for other types of download, but want it to ignore torrents. And while I'm here, does anyone know why it's known as "U" torrent, when the logo is a Greek "M" in lower case? Would have thought it would be known as "mtorrent".... Just a thought... Cheers...

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