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Change upload speed affects download speed?


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Hiya, I'm using the current build which is 1.8 (11813) I believe and whenever I try to change the upload speed it will affect the download speed too.

Exemple is I change the upload speed for a file to 1kb/s, my download speed will drop below 10kb/s where before it was hitting speeds of 100kb/s or anything like that.

I had this problem before in older versions, but since a new OS install, the problem is here again.

It's really annoying, since I can't really browse or use the internet for anything as all my bandwidth is eating up by the upload.

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uTorrent will overload your connection if it's set too high.

2nd link in my signature gives settings similar to but generally more conservative than uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) settings.

NOTE: these settings are based on sustainable UPLOAD speed max rather than download...which may be 4-50 times faster.

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