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Can't connect on LAN


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We've just discovered that 3 of us are DLing the same HUGE file for a film making class.

Each of us has about 50% but for some reason we can't see each other on utorrent 1.8. There is a mix of XP and Vista OS if that makes a difference.

We can share files, we can connect using remote desktop to each other, but for some reason utorrent doesn't see any of the other PCs on our LAN.

There are 7 computers in our house, plus random people that come over and use our wireless connection - but none can connect to each other with utorrent.

We are mostly all on wireless (Yes it is a rental!) using a Linksys WRT 300N.

And No none of us are Comp Sci majors (damn it) so if you can take this into consideration if/when you answer it would help a lot!!!!

Anyone have any ideas how we can get these connected and end this interminable download????? HELP! Free Beer!!!!! Free Women!!!

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Hi Switeck.

Thanks for your reply!

Firewalls are off on all PC's if that makes a difference.

BTW - if it makes a difference all IP addys are

Also, we tried using one PC with Azureus (sp? the blue frog proggy) and it would show one of the other PC's IP but only briefly. That PC, a friends lappy, didn't have utorrent on it. But it wouldn't connect.

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Thanks again Switeck!

Windows firewalls are totally off/disabled. No one is using another firewall like zonealarm or anthing.

I checked the other PC (one guy is gone for a while) and set his PC/utorrent to use the same port as I am - 60078.

I can't seem to find where I can add a LAN IP +port.

I'm sure someone will tell me but to be sure are you talking about the "Port used for incoming connections" which is currently set to 60078 on both PC's I can access.

So I have two PC's with IP addresses and both using 60078 for incoming connections but I can seem to find where to add them to a "peer list". I'm a moron when it comes to networking, as I'm sure you can tell...

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Sadly, as far as I know, you have to add the ips each time.

This trick works even if there's no trackers or the trackers are all down.

I know, because I've used it myself to copy files across my network and even to avoid a VERY long force recheck on a 50+ GB torrent containing many individual files. A couple files got lost when the power went out. I recovered them with scandisk...as .chk files, renamed them to what they should be (had some trouble figuring out which was which). Then ran another instance of uTorrent on the same computer, used the LAN ip address of the computer to connect to itself locally, and reload those files as part of the torrent.

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