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complete download green letters!?


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am running utorrent 1.8 stable, and i have this problem before currently i have 66gig of death file all 100% completed and i was seeding but i have a breakdown in my pc (power outage in the aerea) well every file that i download from utorrent when is 100% done end up with green letter(all my pc file and app got black) am not sure if this is normal but after my pc when bad i throw a fresh copy of windows and any of this specific file wont run, music, movies, programs, etc nothing just is telling me that: i cannot open the app, or i dont have the right 2 open, and i cant seed the from the same files neither , is cain of complicated but i hope some one can help, like i said happen a year back but was only a few gig so i did erease it, but now is almost 70 gig

butway all this files were 100%working before all this happen even i move some to another hard drive even those wont work and those also have the green letter typing style.. i have 3 hard drive in my pc thxz in advance

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