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Download starts then stops


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One particular download started at good speed then it got stuck at 7%. It has been inactive for 4 days. Everything seems to be normal. I am connected to around 15 seeds and over 100 peers. Availability is around 30. There are no obvious warnings or problems.

Other downloads are running at reasonable speeds for my connection (***/1MB).

There have been no significant changes with my system or with uTorrent (latest 1.8.1 Beta build 12083 has been installed and seems to be working fine).

Previous similar problems seemed to happen when all seeds suddendly disappeared, usually at 98+ or 99+%, which was annoying but understandable.

Why is this happening? And how could I correct it?

Or should I remove the torrent + data and find an alternative torrent?

Help would be appreciated.

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If your availability is 30 but you're not downloading anything, check the Peers tab, peer flags, and right click on the column headers and enable Inactive.. it should tell you how long since peers sent/received data. You could also activate Waited... but you'll likely see nearly identical times.

Are the peers in the same range when you turn off resolve IPs? Are they all the same client? Is the torrent very new and the popularity seemed to be much higher when you started downloading it then now (40K peers to start dropping to 8 or 9 after a week... with no increase in seeds or completed in the Trackers tab)?

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