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Cannot Port forward with Netgear WNR834b router


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I've tried every piece of advice I can find but the utorrent port/speed test still tells me i have not got a working port forward and the connection icon still stays at the yellow icon.

My internet access is very slow when utorrent is operating and my download speed is limited to about 5-10kB/s. my connection averages about 240kb/s up and 1mb/s down.

If I Hook up to just my dsl-302G modem bypassing the router and open a port it works fine and the port forward test is sucessful.

I'm running xp sp2 with utorrent 1.8.

I have set up a static ip of using these instuctions:


router - Netgear WNR834b

have tried opening several different ports on my router using these instructions:


modem - dsl-302G

I have followed these instructions for port forwarding on my modem:


The port I am currently trying to use is 3030

It seems to me like it is something to do with the dhcp setup...



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Hi, the Problem is you have the Dreaded 2 Router syndrome making Port Forward Hard to setup. you can either Bridge your Modem (you may need to contact your ISP to do this or you can convert your 2nd router into a Hub/Switch/WAP by following this guide:


Also read this guide on How to Choose a static IP:


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