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downloading part importance


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When I was downloading a file through utorrent, after 23% it is stopped. None of the peers have complete file, in fact everyone of us (~50) downloaded the same amount.

It is easy to guess the problem, and that is "there are no one to seed" the file.

Could this problem be fixed in utorrent / p2p file sharing..?!

Everyone will seed at least as long as they leach. During this leach period, torrent clients can share different parts from its seeder.

If we don't know which torrent client downloads which part, then I think protocol needs a fix.

Please ignore this, if this is already into protocol.

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... you're posting in an old thread. You're posting unrelated content. You don't have a grasp of bittorrent http://dessent.net/btfaq/#what

Post your own troubleshooting/general thread (not request, or bugs or protocol) until you feel confident enough in the technology to discuss things.

Please also try to reference materials like http://utorrent.com/guides.php and the FAQ before you ask questions.

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