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When will appear the next non-beta ???


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Unfortunately whenever there is a creative endeavour there is always the time issue there and they dont co-exist peacefully, never have, never will. (Make no mistake, coding software is a creative act).

Cant put a time frame on it, the flip side is, you almost HAVE to ask LOL cuz µT is so small and good and you just want more LOL I know I do, but we all have to be patient, not good etiquette normally to ask, and its so bad that devs wont give targets cuz if (for any one of a kajillion reasons) they miss that target folk are pressing and whining asking even more (inane) questions. So the polite and proper thing to do (particularly as this is still free *for the most part*) is wait patiently for the next blessing (hard as that is for most of us, me chief among them :P )

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