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Hello All,

I have utorrent 1.8.1, latest beta, running on a win2003std server with 4gig of ram. The connection speed is 100/100mb and it is the primary app I run in the box (seedbox). I have sifted throught the forums to look for the best settings for my enviornment with regard to disk cache and I have become confused with conflicting info.

Currently I have:

Override auto cache size: '1023'

Everything else is checked including disabling windows caching of reads/writes.

My questions are:

1. What is the maximum size of cache that I can allocate to utorrent without trouble? I have heard that greater than 1023 can be an issue but I have also read that 1024-2047 is okay?

2. Are the other disk cache settings optimal? Should I uncheck anything?

Thanks for clearing this up for me, your help is much appreciated!

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Sometimes a cache over 1GB works, sometimes it doesn't. Haven't really gotten a confirmation if it works for sure in 1.8.1. To be safe, you should probably keep it under 1GB.

And unless your system is slowing to a crawl when seeding/downloading, you shouldn't enable the system cache bypass options either.

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