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Trying to make a static IP...can't find second DNS server.


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Almost a month now, I changed my ISP, which led me into buying a router. I bought DLINK WBR 1310. Ever since that day, I'm getting the red icon on uTorrent, which is limiting my download speed. I followed the directions about making a static IP, which is apparently the first step. I'm following this guide (http://www.portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm). However, in the example, the person was able to enter both, primary and alternative DNS servers. When I type ipconfig /all , I only see the primary DNS , which is the exact same number as my "default gateway" and " DHCP server". Is this normal? How come it's not showing the second DNS server? Even though, I did everything on the guide but I'm still getting the red icon. Is it because I'm missing second DNS server or is it something else?

Thank you

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