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Same old question


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I know most people here are sick of this question but how can you maximise download speeds? Most people on this board seem to think connected to more seeds doesn't always mean better download speed but i thought otherwise. With the updated beta 1.8.1 version what settings do i change to get maximum speed. Currently, i fluctuate from 90kbp/s to 20kbp/s. I want more consistency.


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I often make minor changes in my settings based on what I'm downloading/uploading to get better speeds both ways.

Old torrents with few seeds need more upload speed to get good download speed in return, so I usually give them higher priority.

Torrents with 10 seeds per peer I can do the reverse.

I still generally upload to 1+:1 ratio even on busy torrents due to my decent upload speed. :)

On torrents with few seeds, my ratio often goes over 10:1 because I can tell if I leave...I'm probably the only seed and the torrent would die at that moment.

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