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Download file from my friend. Both are behind NAT


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My friend attempts to send me a file with his vacation pictures. I suggested to use µTorrent to do this.

Each of us has µTorrent 1.8.

He created torrent without specifying any tracker and with DHT enabled, started seeding, and I put his .torrent into my µTorrent client. That was all. After that nothing happened. His µTorrent stays waiting for anybody to connect to it, and mine waits for seeder to appear.

Both of us are behind a NAT routers and connected to different internet service providers.

How to download/upload file using µTorrent without need to have an external IP-address?

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As I see, teredo uses intermediate teredo servers. I want to avoid them.

If torrent client must use something with real IP-address, it has for private file transfer no advantage over FTP-server or RapidShare service.

By the way, Skype also uses peers working as intermediate servers, with real IP-addresses, but it doesn't use only one fixed server, and that is an advantage because no tuning is required and it isn't easy to block all the intermediate hosts. It switches between a lot of peers dynamically. Unfortunately it's file transfer rate is too low and it doesn't resume broken transfers.

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