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utorrent 1.8 configuration in a easyway step by step


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You can get a maximum theoretical download speed of 64 KiBps in uTorrent on .5Mbit down. If you have 9 KiBps upload sustained (probably of 12 total aka 96 Kbit upload) you DEFINITELY should follow the steps in the speed problems sticky for turning off extra features and reducing the connections and half-open below defaults.

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@Switeck "Bad News" Moderator

i m new to utorrent plz i almost couldn't understand ur speed table ,

could u plz make me a chart/screenshot what numbers do i hav to put in the settings field of utorrent

i'll be really grateful

my connection speed 512 kbit/sec

my upload average speed is 9kB\s, downspeed is 45kB\s to 49.5kB\s

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